From the ’Hood With Love – KiDKo/LL

Heike Wiese (2014ff): From the ’Hood With Love (KiDKo/LL - "Linguistic Landscape").

KiDKo/LL is an addition to the KiezDeutsch-Korpus (KiDKo).

The corpus assembles photos of written language productions in public space from the context of Kiezdeutsch, for instance love notes on walls, park benches, and playgrounds, graffiti in house entrances, and scribbled messages on toilet walls.

Data type

spontaneous, written data, captured through photos, tagged for

  • photographer
  • language(s)
  • place (city, quarter, street)
  • object (wall, toilet door,...)
  • date of shot
  • original text
  • translated text
  • text in standard writing
  • key words
  • linguistic phenomenon

The photo database is searchable online for tags and combinations of tags.

Access to the corpus

"KiDKo/LL“ corpus